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United Methodist Youth

Meeting Place and Times
Sunday Evenings
7:30 pm
Wednesday Evenings

6:30 pm

Meet in the Education Wing at the church

If you would like more information about the Rose Hill UMY please feel free to contact the church office at 316-776-2212.

Why does this ministry exist?

Because when God needed a king to lead the nation of Israel, he selected a teenager named David. Also, when God needed to find an earthly mother for His Son, He chose a teenager named Mary. Youth are not just the future of the church. They are the present.

The UMY exists not only to provide fun, fellowship and educational experiences, but to incorporate leadership and service opportunities within the church and local community as well.

The Rose Hill United Methodist Youth (UMY) work hard and play hard. We understand that the time we have is precious and that there are few better moments than those spent in fellowship with our close friends.

During December we will be studying jThe Redemption of Scrooge by Matt Rawle.  The four sessions: Bah Humbug, Remember Christmas Past, Life of Christmas Present, and Hope for Christmas future.  We will finish by watching Christmas Carol starring Patrick Stewart as Scrooge.

Following the 11:00 am Worship Service on December 18th we will watch our younger children so parents can have a few hours to get any last minute holiday shopping done.  After Babysitting we will head to Winfield for Dinner and trou their light display at the Winfield Park.

Finals week is December 12-16; the church will be open for a "Quiet place" to study.  The hours will be from 6-8 pm Monday - Thursday.  Wifi, snacks and the printer will be available for use while at the church.

So far our youth have pledged 240 hours of service to the church for the 2017 year.  What a great showing of Extravagant Generosity.  When you see the youth, please let them know how much you appreciate their support in the form of service to the church.

Our Mission
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