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Notes from the Pastor


As we transition into the new Year of 2018, we do with a sense of being prepared for what we will live in a new year.

For this last several weeks we focused, first, on being and building resilience, reminding ourselves that with God's loving presence and our willingness to be resilient, that we can not only survive, but even thrive in, through, and beyond trauma.  Resilience does not mean we will not suffer, fail, or hurt, but being resilient means we seek, as much as we possibly can, to live fully and love extravagantly.  Being resilient is not easy, and building resilience is even more challenging.

In a way, our theme for Advent--#DoNotBeAfraid, has been building on living resiliently, when we decide we are going to choose resilience in order to live more authentically, but we choose resilience in order to help others be more resilient.  We have heard amazing stories of people being resilient and living without being overwhelmed by fear.  We are ready.

As we begin this New Year, 2018, let us commit ourselves as individuals, and as a church, to choose to be resilient, to choose not to be afraid, and live more fully into God's love as we take compassion, mercy, peace, and justice into our world--into our own lives, into our relationships, into our nation, into our world, and into all creation.

We cannot know, we cannot forsee, what possibilities for fullness of life and love are before us in 2018, but we can step into a New Year with the determination that to the best of our ability, with God's help, we will not be afraid, we will draw deeply on our resilience, and we will proclaim in words and action God's way of love.

Thank you for being a great church and for the opportunities to be in ministry together.

May we all know more God's love as we seek to:  Connect, Love, Serve.

Happy New Year!

Grace and peace.


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