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Notes from the Pastor


The Great Invitation comes to us from God, the invitation to live more fully and deeply into God's love.  We remember God's call to those first disciples of Jesus as they were invited to "Come and See," and "Follow Me."

We, to, are called as we respond to an important question in our lives, "what are you seeking?"  The answer depends on the time in our life, but in essence, I suspect we are all seeking to discover purpose and meaning in our lives, we want to know if our lives matter, if we are making a difference, and if what we are about is in tune with God.

During the month of February, we will be focusing on a part of what is known as the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5:1-48.  These verses offer us insight into the realm of God into which we are being invited to live.

Then we begin the season of Lent on March 1, Ash Wednesday, as we consider haw God's love moves into our lives to bring about change in how we live. It is a season of allowing God's love to reshape us, remold us, renew us, and move us more fully into resurrection living.

During the months of February and March, we will both think about how we are being called to change in our lives while simultaneously thinking about how our church is being called to change.

As individuals we will seek God's leading in reshaping our lives through prayer, meditation, Scripture reading, study, worship, small groups, Sunday school, choirs, ministy teams, and acts of service.

As a congregation we will also open ourselves to God's guidance as we discern what God is calling our church to be and do over the next three to five years.

Please pray for all in our church, for each other, for our Strategic Planning Team, and for our church as we open ourselves to living more fully in God's gracious love

Peace and Grace,


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