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Notes from the Pastor


Congratulations to all of our graduates for your hard work and achievements!

May is graduation month as people celebrate family and friends who finish their work in grade school, middle school, high school, college, graduate school, community college, and training programs of all types.

We typically think of graduation as having only to do with school or specific training programs, however graduation is part of all life.

Graduation, from a Latin word meaning "step," applies to life in general.  Completing an approved curriculum of coursework is a "step" as we move from one life focus to another, and is most easily seen as people move from one level of school to the next.  However, other steps, such as a change in jobs, a new life venture, a life cycle change, or a loved one transitioning from this life to the next are also forms of graduation.

We are all in the process of graduating as we take the next step in our lives.  We do not know what the next moment holds, whether it be in our personal lives, in our families, in our church, in our nation, in our world, or in all creation--graduation, moving through life step by step is an act of courage and faith.

Of course not all  change is graduation, graduation implies direction and transformation as we live more fully and love more extravagantly.

Graduations are processes of letting go of what has been, experiencing grief and sadness as we leave the past behind, and moving into the new and unknown.

I am not trying to minimize the pain of loss, however I am trying to put it all into perspective as we look at our lives and realize that whether the experience be our first child going to kindergarten, someone heading off to college, or a loved one crossing over from this life to the next, it is all about graduating, taking the next step as we trust the God of love to be with us.

Therefore, I congratulate everyone as you "take the next step" in living and loving.  Whether that be completing formal schooling or responding to God's invitation for a new direction in our lives, we are all in the process of graduating and commencing.

Peace and Grace,


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