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Imagine for a moment that you were given the opportunity at some time in the past--before you were born, to "prepare to live."  What would you have done?  Especially, if you knew what you currently know, how would you have gone about preparing your soon-to-be-born-self for living a full and meeaningful life?  I'm curious about what I might want to help myself understand in preparation for my life.  What would I consider to be of extreme importance in "Preparing to Live"?

It is not too late.  Right now, you and I have the opportunity to "Prepare to Live!"

Since all of us who are reading this have already started our life journeys, in order to "Prepare to Live!", we will need a new starting point, something like hitting the reset button on our computers or electronic devices.  The season of Lent is a great time to hit "reset" in "Preparing to Live!"

Lent is often viewed as a time for individual self-examination and penitence, as one writer notes, "{Lent} seems to be primarily inwardly and negatively focused...about what's wrong with me as an individual and what I'm willing to do to improve myself."  It is appropriate to examine our lives, but the early histor of Lent in the church was a time when people were getting ready for baptism and a life of following the way of Jesus.  Lent was a season of forming people into a community preparing to fully live by loving God, loving neighbor, loving enemy, and loving self.

Here are some things you might consider doing as part of your reset in "Preparing to Live!"

     *Set aside time each day for prayer and meditation.
     *Read the Bible every day.
     *Pray for a specific person or need each day.
     *Make every effort to either attend your Sunday School class or join a class (or start a new class!)
     *If you have been missing someone in worship, give them a call asking them to join you in a time of "reset."
     *If you know someone without a church home, or someone you are not sure has a church home, invite them to join you in a "reset."
     *Pray that our church will be a vibrant community of people who "Prepare to Live!"
     *Start a book reading group.
     *Need something to read? Stop by the church library and browse the UMW shelf.  Many of the books on the reading list offer a way to "reset."
     *In your prayers and meditations think on the question, "What is God calling us to do, now?"
     *Join the Chancel Choir.
     *Join a Bell Choir.
     *Offer to teach Children's Sunday School or help with Kids 4 Christ.
     *Offer to go to Wee Rockets to read with the children or volunteer in another way.
     *Find a way to volunteer with Hope Connections, Be Filled, our Homeless Ministry, or making calls of concern.
     *Just love.

Peace, Grace and Love,


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