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Notes from the Pastor


One of the strengths of the Rose Hill UMC is our care and concern for each other and for all, therefore we want to do all we can to make sure our church is a friendly, caring, and safe place for everyone.

One specific way we can offer care is through the Safe Gatherings program.  Safe Gatherings provides screening and education for staff and volunteers to help prevent abuse of children, youth, and vulnerable adults. This is an online program where you learn more about preventing abuse, creating a safe environment, and review basic concepts of providing safety, it also includes a background check, including references.

Not only does Safe Gatherings provide protection for the children, youth, and vulnerable adults we serve, it also protects our church.

We have many people who are already Safe Gatherings certified, yet I think it would be well if many, many more went through the training and certification process.  Ideally, everyone in our church could be trained and certified.

If you are ready to get certified, go online to, you can also find answers to questions you might have about the program, or if you have more questions, feel free to contact me.  Additionally, if you need help getting online, you can come by the church and we will help you get to the site and begin the training.  Our church will pay for your training, if you would like to help cover the expense, simply make an extra contribution at your convenience.

Please prayerfully and thoughtfully consider taking this step to help our church grow in friendliness, caring, and safety.

Thank you,
John Martin, Pastor

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